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Practicing Yoga at Home

Fyre Fit 

Get to know us !

We are a group of experts in personal training, specialized in weight loss, muscle building, Pre & Postnatal training, Yoga, back problems and other chronic pain.

Our strength is the communication and the follow-up that we offer to our customers.

The training session take place at your home, gym, office or simply in your garden.

We will bring everything you need to your doorstep to give you the best 60 min workout from the area of your choice.

Our goal is to bring you training and nutritional monitoring to achieve your goals at your convenience!

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A unique approach...

We are a strong believers in result-based programs and we trust our expertise to guide you in reaching your desired goals.

We also believe that following a program and cut out the emotional eating habit, is necessary to break out all the old routine and ritual that you might have.

We help everyday busy people to rapidly and sustainably create extraordinary athletic physiques! We do this by creating bespoke results-focused training and nutrition plans, based on an individual's lifestyle and fitness goals.

 If you want to commit and follow us, we will teach you how to maintain it and make it as a lifestyle.

New Mom Staying Fit
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